ICstat, “Centro per la Cooperazione Statistica Internazionale - Luigi Bodio” was created as a non-profit association in 1996.
The Association was established with the aim of promoting statistical culture at an international level, providing the Italian statistical community with an operational basis able to promote and co-ordinate programmes for technical assistance financed by different institutions, such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission, and agencies belonging to the UN system, the World Bank and others.While operating worldwide, ICstat has nevertheless been particularly involved in the Balkans and Eastern and Central European countries as well as in the Mediterranean basin.

Offering a wide range of support to National Statistics Institutes and Systems, ICstat matured a more specific expertise in the following areas:
• institutional building: strengthening of statistical institution, their legal basis, organisational structure and strategic planning;
• enhancement and harmonization of official statistics production according to international norms and standards, especially E.U. acquis communautaire;
• transfer of methodologies, including census planning and management, survey and sampling techniques, quality statistics, database management and statistical applications;

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